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Hi there my name is Elizabeth Bain and I have trained as doula with both Nurturing Birth, a well-respected UK doula training provider, and DONA International, the main US Doula-training organisation. 

I am proud to say that I am "Certified" birth doula with both Nurturing Birth and DONA International.  Certification means that I have gained experience, and have been through a process of mentoring and discussion of my birth/doula work to ensure that it is of a high quality.  I follow and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Code of Practice, this ensures professional accountability.

Since my initial training in 2008, I have been providing doula services to the woman of Dubai & other Emirates in the UAE, providing birth preparation classes, HypnoBirthing® classes, birth doula support, placenta services, breastfeeding  and post-natal support. 

 I have always had a real desire to work in women's and children's health.  My professional background is that I trained as a Registered Midwife (UK) and also a Registered Public Health Nurse along with holding a degree in Health Studies.   I  am passionate about making every birth the best it can be for every women, her partner and her baby. I want women to be supported and empowered when it comes to their birth wishes and that their deep heartfelt desires to birth the way they want are acknowledged and affirmed by those looking after them. 

To date I have had the privilege of attending over 60 births all different, but each bringing their own joy and transition for each couple into parenthood.

I believe in the empowerment of woman in childbirth and also the positive support of a doula in labour.  I encourage husbands to take an active role as a birth supporter and believe that husbands play a pivotal role during pregnancy, labour, birth and during the transition to parenthood.

I see the role of the doula as instrumental for women achieving the birth that they want and dream about.  I also believe in the right doula for the right couple so if you go to my links page you will be able to see links to other doulas in Dubai. It is essential that you interview a few of us, ask us lots of questions, feel comfortable with who you will have at your birth - as you will be sharing on of the most intimate moments in your life.

Elizabeth Bain

If you would like any further information or help, or to arrange a meeting to discuss my services, drop me an email at or

Alternatively give me a call on 00971 504215180 or 0504561333

 Professional Qualifications:


  • Registered Public Health Nurse
  • Midwife (UK trained)
  • Degree in Health Studies
  • Certified Independent Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
  • Certified Birth Doula with Nurturing Birth (UK)
  • Certified Birth Doula CD (DONA) with DONA International
  • Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner
  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor with IAIM 



I now offer placenta services including:

  • TCM Placenta Encapsulation
  • RAW Placenta Encapsulation
  • Placenta Smoothie
  • Placenta Tincture
  • Placenta Salve
  • Cord keepsake
  • Placenta artwork