The following pages have recent testimonials from past Dubai doula clients. We thank the new parents for taking the time to write these beautiful words.

Please feel free to read some of our recent testimonials from past clients as they could prove to be inspirational to you. We would like to thank the new parents for taking the time to write these beautiful words.



I remember hearing the term ‘doula’ on an American birth program, long before my husband and I had moved to Dubai and certainly long before any notion of having babies had crossed our minds! I must have subconsciously stored the knowledge away in my mind because fast-forward four years and it came flooding back to me almost as quickly as the pregnancy test result itself!

I new immediately that I wanted, no needed, a doula here in Dubai, where I would be having my first baby away from family and away from a system that I was familiar with. I had heard the usual horror stories of high C-section rates, forced inductions, highly managed ‘normal’ births and I knew that I needed to be prepared and educated so that I could attempt to avoid any of these situations. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say……and so began my doula quest.

I met with several doulas and was absolutely ecstatic when Liz (Elizabeth) became available for my due month. I knew from the moment we met that she would keep me right and call a spade a spade.

Over the course of the coming months my husband and I met with Liz, talking and learning, and became more and more comfortable with the prospect of giving birth here in the UAE. Liz taught us all the usual antenatal information but also raised topics that we hadn’t even heard of, much less considered before, such as delayed cord clamping (we did it!), perineal massage (we did it!), hypnobirthing (we did it!) and placenta encapsulation (we did it!). She provided us with a never-ending stream of research-based information on anything we requested but always gave us space to come to our own decisions.

Liz prepared us, both in knowledge and emotionally, for the twenty questions we would get each time I proposed something to my doctor that I wanted to include in my birth preferences. Liz frequently told me ‘find your voice’. And thanks to her, I did.

During our actual labour and birth Liz was fabulous. When I was feeling that I couldn’t do anymore, Liz was there spurring me on and encouraging to try different positions. I’m sure that my birth would have been very different without both Liz and my husband, but as it was I had a great and positive labour that has left me waxing lyrical about the advantages of hiring a doula to anyone that will listen.

So for anyone who is toying with the idea of hiring Liz, or any other doula, my advice is to go for it. It will be the best decision you have ever made and the best money you have ever spent.

I really feel that throughout our journey with Liz, we were not only learning about birth, but learning about the type of parents we wanted to be. And for that, and many other reasons, Liz is worth her weight in gold. I only hope she’s around for baby number two!

Sian and Matthew Crompton


Before we met Elizabeth we were worried that we wouldn't be able to have the type of birth experience we were hoping for. Our friends at home, nearly 10,000 miles away, had greatly benefited from the help of a Doula a their hospital birth and our interest was piqued. Sadly, our Doctor and Antenatal instructor furrowed their collective brow whenever we brought up the idea of hiring someone. Despite this, we followed our instinct, and are happy to say that meeting Elizabeth changed everything for the better. She was respectful of our concerns, full of useful tools, resources and suggestions, knowledgeable about both traditional and alternative medicine, and perhaps even more importantly, she has the sort of reassuring presence that just makes it nice to be around her. Elizabeth's support and counsel was so empowering, that we even decided to switch hospitals, which wound up being a wise choice as well. When the day finally came, a slight confusion between the hospital and clinic meant that my husband had to scramble to produce a back up copy of my medical records. This wouldn't have been such a big deal, except that he had to leave the room over and over again to deal with it. Thank goodness that we had Elizabeth there with us, as otherwise I would have felt very alone without him. Instead, despite being so far from home and without my husband part of the time, I felt that I was with someone who I trusted and who was looking out for my and my baby's best interest. I believe Elizabeth's guidance and support reduced my labor time, helped me deliver without intervention and allowed me to have the best possible birth. 

love from Vanessa & Liam Miller

Being away from our friends and family is hard enough but having a baby without their presence is terrifying. We turned to Dubai Doulas to find the support and comfort which we would have received from our loved ones throughout our pregnancy (not just labour).   Elizabeth's knowledge, experience, support but most of all her love got us through the birth of little Maxwell.   Desiree Cameron

What a terrifying, horrifying, heartbreaking, joyous event! Words can not accurately describe the plethora of emotions the whole thing evokes.  Elizabeth, I thank you from the bottom of my heart without your support, guidance, education and encouragement before, during and after the birth we would not have had the positive experience we had.  You helped lead us along the path to parenthood.  

There are lots of things to spend your money on in Dubai, Elizabeth's support has been the best thing I have spent money on EVER.   

Stuart Cameron

Elizabeth was a tremendously positive and empowering about VBAC deliveries. As this would be my first labour, she was very knowledgeable and supportive about labour and my birth preferences. She provided lots of practical information, reading materials and birth videos. At the birth Elizabeth was a constant source of strenth, comfort and gave practical suggestions both for me and my husband. I feel she empowered us both. We tried many more pain-relieving and comfort measures to keep the labour progressing (it was long & difficult). We succeeded in achieving a drug-free VBAC and Elizabeth was instrumental in this achievement. We (my husband & I) definitely feel that the birth outcome would have been much different - probably more medical interventions - without Elizabeth. She provided that extra supoort and belief that would could do this!!

Leone Byrne


Although I had known Liz for a number of years, it was not until after I became pregnant that I found out that she was a doula, or that I even knew what a doula was.  At first I was unsure about involving someone other than the obstetrician in the delivery room but I met with Liz one day to find out more about what she does.

Our first meeting with Liz was really amazing.  I instantly realised that the brief, and sometimes hurried, monthly sessions with my obstetrician were not in any way preparing me for the birth of my child. I came out this first meeting with Liz feeling very positive about the labour and as the weeks went by I actually began looking forward to it. Liz had promised us that we would go in the delivery room fully knowledgeable. We had to do our homework, though. Liz gave us books, DVDs, leaflets to read and if we ever had any questions about anything, she would find out for us.

The most important thing that Liz gave me was the knowledge, understanding and confidence to take control of what would happen during the birth process. At around 35 weeks, I presented my draft birth preferences to my obstetrician - she took one look at it and said no, no, no to almost all my preferences. My preferences didn't contain anything out of the ordinary. The types of things that I wanted were to be able to give birth without being permanently hooked up to a monitor, to be able to walk around, to have the lights dimmed low and to have as few interruptions during labour as possible, provided that there was no immediate threat to my baby or me. 

I was shocked with the doctor's response to my preferences and asked Liz to help. Thanks to Liz we found a new doctor who understood the importance and benefits of allowing women make their own choices in labour provided that mother and baby are safe.

My contractions started at about 5:30am. I wasn't panicking as I knew I had a few or a lot of hours to go before it really started. We stayed home till about 1:30 pm. The morning flew by. I was in my bedroom with the curtains drawn, listening to the radio and doing my mantras, exercises and visualisations I had read about. Aside from the surges, it was a relaxing way to spend the first few hours of my labour.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was already 7cm dilated. I was amazed at how I had progressed. Liz met us in the hospital and then the surges began to intensify. It was at this point I was glad Liz was there. I remember her voice was so soft and reassuring, it calmed me and helped me to refocus. 

Our beautiful son, Oliver, was born naturally on 5thJanuary 2011 at 17:40 (just over 12 hours) weighing 3.335kg. The birth didn't go 100% according to our preference, but that was fine because things don't always go the way you want it to. However, I truly believe that the birth would have been much more difficult for me had I not had Liz's help prior to and during the delivery.

Thank you Liz for your support and enabling us to take control of the birth of our son

Paul and Judy x